Happy Darwin bicentennial everyone, but no need to let him steal the whole show. Here (PDF) is a link to a collection of essays and responses to the work of relatively unknown poet Seán Rafferty, whose centenary it was February 5th. It was edited by Berlin-based poet Alistair Noon (who incidentally is launching his first book next Friday at Beatstreet, so come if you’re in town). It’s a nice collection of seven essays, including some biographical pieces, as well as close-readings.

From Alistair Noon’s Editorial Note:

After early magazine publications in the 1930s, and a small collection in 1973, Seán Rafferty’s work didn’t resurface till much later, with chapbooks and collections from Poetical Histories, Babel Verlag and Carcanet in the early 90s, shortly before and after his death. The work is currently kept in print by Etruscan Books, with two volumes: Poems and Poems, Revue Sketches and Fragments, corresponding roughly to a Collected and Uncollected.

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