Just watched the Peter Sloterdijk interview in Kluge’s ‘Nachrichten…Antike’. Stress here, once again, the inappropriateness of the word ‘interview’. The manner in which Kluge interacts with his interviewees makes things more interesting. Fun. But not only that.

Kluge’s unexpected interruptions, long-winded style of formulation, questions that at times are hard to distinguish from statements of fact, prompts, ad hoc associations, non sequiturs and so on vary from being intrusive, to steering toward a new topic, to interested, to inquisitive.

As mentioned in a post below, there is no sense of Kluge’s interviews being mainly uni-directive. With his unorthodox interview style, Kluge enters into an assemblage with his interlocutor, like two ends of a charged rod. Lines of flight lead away from the centre once an inroad loses its charm. Yet at the same time lines are drawn that traverse the whole history of ideas.

I’m afraid I might be posting about ‘Nachrichten der…Antike’ for a while to come (still have 8 hours to go). Am thinking of putting up a full transcription of the Peter Sloterdijk section sometime in the near future.

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