Last night watched Bacon’s Arena (and Tom Waits under review 71-82)

Francis Bacon about three studies for a crucifixion: “I know for religious people, for Christians, the crucifixion has a totally different significance, but for me, as a non-believer it stands for an act of man’s behaviour, way of behaviour to another.”

— —

Interviewer: Do you believe in God?

Bacon: No. Why do you ask me such a stupid question.

— —

‘I always think of myself not so much as a painter but as a medium for accident and chance.’

— —

‘I don’t try to paint despair. But the thing about life is, after the age of about thirty what is, in a sense, fundamentally, but death? That’s not looking towards despair by the way, but it’s just a realization that there is the grave coming ever closer and closer closer closer coser closer.’

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