Short update on this post about the Conceptual writing symposium. One more point bears mentioning:  Michalis Pichler commented in the discussion following the papers that the distinction between visual arts and poetry seems reactionary to him, in the same way that the distinction between sculpture and painting used to be. Vanessa Place disagreed, Kenneth Goldsmith disagreed.

And although I find it an interesting notion to entertain, I also still see can’t help but see an essential difference between the two. The only way I see this conflation working is from the idea that everything is text, but that still is not the same as language (which in my book is still an essential and fundamental ingredient of reflection in/for poetry..).

Video poetry is perhaps a good example: video-poet Tom Konyves points to just this when he talks about what for him is the difference between video-art and video-poetry (in the comment box of this recent post on the topic by Ron Silliman, Tue. May 12).

“What differentiates videopoems from experimental (non-narrative) films is that videopoetry is based on the considered, sometimes curious juxtaposition of language (spoken or visual text) with images and sound. It is the text that drives the work; its presence is the essential link between the identifiable parts (edits or scenes). It is also the source of inspiration for the work.”

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