Deathward dust. Durationless duvet of desire. Wind wipes evangelists off map. Wave of murmuration. Decoherence of Empire’s demented, swag-bellied encyclopedists. Mezzanine of dysprosody. Depthless dunes at dusk in world of wanderers. A sumless multitude of desert dots stilts wamflers and their milk-machines. In expansive sun, Etaoin Shrdlu eyes the dead-weight of a swan.

Empire eyes Etaoin Shrdlu deathwards. A wanderer wiped out by emulgent Etatisme. Waves of entropic desire extravasate from the world encyclopedia. Eudemonistic eschatologist curbs error, stilts the sumless synthesis of swag-bellies. Dot desert with expansive centres. Wamfler winds up in capital. Circled by Empire’s evangelist, swan cambers into duvet of dust.

Dots of wamflers, dust and capital whirl into waves of desire. Etaoin Shrdlu wanders worlds under warmth of duvet. City centre circles map. Wheels wipe-out on mezzanine of water over dunes. Writative evangelist curbs warship milkward. Wind welds encyclopedia and expansive eye-machine. Empire cambers deathward into waves of the multitude’s murmuration.

Expansive striation of stilted centres. Etaoin Shrdlu circles city capital on stilts. Superjet cambers sundrily into skyscraper. Syzygy of swan and dune’s sun. Synthesis of swerves and dots. Succubus desires Empire’s encyclopedic evangelist deathward. Machines milk the multitude’s murmuration for a map of eyes. Sumless mezzanines curbed by duvets of dust.

Multitude maps world molecular. Mammiform machine of sumless menstrual desire. Synthesis of milk and morphosyntax cambers deathward into world of murmuration. Waves of mutational mesh. Swan swerves over dead-weights. Swag-bellied magician wipes dots from sun. Stilted centre city. Marginal capital. Wamfler circles dunes, wind dusts curb. Multivagant wanderer of mezzanines.

Corrosive crystal of cacophony. Synthesis of Empire and sumless multitude, counter-elite and swag-belly. Etaoin Shrdlu cambers away from the chunnering of a wamfling evangelist. Swan in the centre of eye. Wanderer wipes milk from map. Expansive mezzanine of encyclopedic murmuring machines. Sun stilts world. Capital cities curb into current, wind into wave.

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