Interview with Badiou at Infinite thought about new word for communism, the sans papiers, Brad Pitt in ‘The life of Plato’, with Badiou as Socrates (not really).


Badiou by TheDopper

One thought on “Badiou interview

  1. Badiou suggests that “The movie will be the idea that Socrates is a retrospective creation of Plato”. Badiou’s proposal is even funnier when read with a shot of “Badiou without Zizek” From Bruno Bosteels’ in POLYGRAPHY #17 (2005 special issue on Badiou):

    “As for Badiou’s Deleuzianism, Zizek is probably the first to perceive the perversity of this reproach … the argument that somehow Badiou would favor a wild, even vitalist notion of pure multiple presence, accessible outside of representation, completely fails to understand that for the author of BEING AND EVENT, being is only approachable in a kind of backward inference”.

    In a final jab at Zizek, and punchline for his essay, Bosteels adds: “I would rather venture that the author [of THE TICKLISH SUBJECT], in keeping with the irresistible tendency to position himself in the absolutely prior place, has now done the same with his own work – almost as if to suggest that the self-criticism, in an impossible temporal loop, comes before the actual work”.

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