One thought on “Badiou interview

  1. Badiou suggests that “The movie will be the idea that Socrates is a retrospective creation of Plato”. Badiou’s proposal is even funnier when read with a shot of “Badiou without Zizek” From Bruno Bosteels’ in POLYGRAPHY #17 (2005 special issue on Badiou):

    “As for Badiou’s Deleuzianism, Zizek is probably the first to perceive the perversity of this reproach … the argument that somehow Badiou would favor a wild, even vitalist notion of pure multiple presence, accessible outside of representation, completely fails to understand that for the author of BEING AND EVENT, being is only approachable in a kind of backward inference”.

    In a final jab at Zizek, and punchline for his essay, Bosteels adds: “I would rather venture that the author [of THE TICKLISH SUBJECT], in keeping with the irresistible tendency to position himself in the absolutely prior place, has now done the same with his own work – almost as if to suggest that the self-criticism, in an impossible temporal loop, comes before the actual work”.

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