imminent departure      extensions reach for open beyond   shoots develop   stampless letter floats from balcony    gliding helicopter seed       breeze along the edges of buildings    morning stories multiplying virally between the air   stories unavoidably excessively there  if you imagine the beginning again and again   not missing a crack  the pavement a local earthquake for ants  bifurcating with the speed of a root    city crow the shape of a flurry of movement    the starting of locusts as they swarm     a moment like stillness between the rush of two rivers of audible sound   the guilt of her presence between the guilt of her words   the aching of presence  the itching of absence holding her body together  the beautiful sunshine broken and filtered by branches and mist   an obstinate problem for middling dreamers       coloured streamers trace currents of air   wave retracts foam at the edge of the sea    foam bubbles up and collapses into foam    into sand   ripples of sand over sand     closed fingers of a hand    pushing space across space     tectonic plates shift      unbind     unwind    unroll   to each their life of desert stroll

One thought on “Shoots

  1. The rhythmic flow of images and the motion of each line individually keeps this piece nicely moving downhill like a shallow stream over rocks. I get the feeling of many layers here. I will come back to this one.

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