From interview with Queen Adreena’s Katie Jane Garside:

One of those lines I’m always looking for. strung between the butcher and the butterfly. Holding everything together, the inherent tension within everything, a in a way, the vibration that brings everything into form

I don’t like formality in music, I mean I make music with formality, but as a listener… I know what doesn’t drive me mad, more than what I like

I’ve always had the same adventure really, since I was a little girl, and it’s to do with the pursuit of a perfect note that you can hear in white noise, or it can be in the vent, or in the sound of water, anywhere. But within that there’s infinite frequencies and if you listen there’s an inherent pattern inside the sound and I’m always reaching for that and the paradox is whne you look it disappears, when you look for it, it disappears.

I don’t intend to disturb anyobody, I have a compulsion to make work and how it’s recieved can’t be part of my dynamic with the work. You know I don’t want to make this ‘place’ any more disturbed or difficult than it already is.


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