Who said the typewriter is dead?  Protracted Type, by Nico Vassilakis, just out by blue lion books and available to buy or as a free download, incorporates many influences and expounds ‘a kind of Staring Poetics’:

Olson’s typewriter field composition, meets post-concrete McCaffery, meets Blanchot, meets, Geof Huth’s visual poetics, Francis Picabia’s mechanical drawings, meets Rachel BlauDuPLessis post Fluxus mail art (her ‘Draft 94‘)

‘staring at textpo creates the potential for vispo’ ..

‘In order to say language you are forced to use language. The inmpossible nature of getting there.’

‘And now that we stare into any number of screens a day we, ourselves, are caught.’

Letter as event: ‘a letter has no beginning and no end’

‘Stare your way into a word till the meaning of the word is gone then allow each letter to achieve its visual potential.’

‘Burn the cohesive bonds between letters.’

‘Words make a prison for letters.’

Another visual poem by Vassalikis:

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