Zine02_Context_No Marks_HR

Issue 2 is out and available. (And no this is not part 2 of Issue 1 that caused so much commotion by publishing every Googleable poet in october of last year). This is Issue set up by the ever industrious Alan Cunningham; a small magazine for which a basic idea is that contributors should not work for more than roughly 20 minutes on their submission. The theme of Issue 2 was ‘context is everything’. Alan is now accepting submssions for the next Issue:

And so – on to the future – Issue no 3! Well, something i’ve been
thinking about a lot recently – and an idea which is kind of related
to the book i’m working on at the moment – is the idea of enduring
hardship for the sake of identity and rejecting the easy, glittering
prizes – so, the topic is “ALL THAT GLITTERS….”, as in all that
glitters ain’t gold, baby!

So, once again, take that topic and play with it whatever way you want – poetry, writing, essays, photography, drawings, design, anything – and send it in to me. A rough deadline – let’s say August – that’s enough time for all you northern hemisphere dudes to play around in the sun and get some nice ideas.

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