That, stupidly, rhymes. But the Foundation for Public Poetry is seriously looking for Leonard-Cohen-inspired-poetry-submissions for an anthology dedicated to his 75th. Deadline July 12:

Leonard Cohen – You’re Our Man

In honour of Leonard Cohen’s 75th birthday (September 21, 2009,) the Foundation for Public Poetry/Fondation Poésie Publique is seeking submissions of poetry (poetic responses) based upon Leonard Cohen’s poetry. A maximum of seventy-five poems will be selected for this publication.

The publication is a fundraising initiative to help support the commencement of a Leonard Cohen Poet-In-Residence program at Leonard’s old high school(Westmount High.)

All submissions will be considered to grant the Foundation for Public Poetry first serial rights. Submissions should include a note of reference to the Cohen poem which the author is responding to. Authors should also include a three-line biography and complete contact information.

For more information, please email: publicpoetry@gmail.com

Deadline for submissions is July 12, 2009.

24 thoughts on “Got a Leonard Cohen poem?

  1. I Heard Your Voice

    I heard your sultry voice call from within
    As the lyrics of your song, pulled me to the end
    The end of all life’s promises and you called it a dance
    The end of all the beginnings and left me in a trance

    Captured by your words I danced in all the tunes
    Coupled with the loves, remembering the swoons
    Of past held moments christened with the kisses
    All the promises of love, all the near life’s misses

    Dance, me to the end of love, you sang
    With a voice so lulling me closer again
    Dance me to the end, the end of love
    You sang, dance with me to the end…

    Christine McNeill-Matteson

  2. Cohen’s Carnival

    I want you
    to remember my presence
    like a carnival, pitched
    in the verdurous
    provinces of my body,
    where gypsy clouds foam in fair weather,
    and the peak of the Ferris wheel
    holds you before
    all that you ever wanted to see
    above and beyond
    the price of admission.

  3. A Angel came from haven yesterday
    Open my eyes to see you reflecting God s light
    There is a hope in everything where the light comes thorought
    And is got to be you
    Im your soon

  4. Lightning Bugs

    I have been eating lightning bugs
    My lips dribble green light
    I am waiting for the moon to come low enough
    To take a bite

  5. i wouldn’t be a poet if i was on tv
    i wouldn’t be a poet if i had a cv
    i wouldn’t be a poet if i liked talking to god on bended knee
    i wouldn’t be a poet if you opened your legs for me

    i wouldn’t be a poet if i wasn’t a kid
    i wouldn’t be a poet if i was a fancier breed
    i wouldn’t be a poet if i didn’t smoke weed
    this wouldn’t be a poem indeed

  6. sweetly
    the vault of heaven
    and tumbled ’round
    your troubled sleep
    delicate reason
    for a sigh
    of disbelief
    then standing
    with the weeping mother
    of jesus
    at his feet
    you turned
    and cast your lot
    among the romans
    without grief

  7. This is great, lots of good poetry here. I was just writing one about Leonard last night. I had written one way back in the 70s about him, but my 30-plus years of writing and musical compositions were all stolen from me, hard copy, recordings, everything. I wish I could recall the one I wrote before, all I can remember of it now is this line:

    I’ve touched your soul, as you’ve touched mine

    He has touched all of us, hasn’t he, and allowed us to touch his too. Long live Leonard!

  8. The moment has come

    After twenty years of boredom along came twenty four more
    It’s 21st of December 2012 – I wait with suitcase by the door
    Exouds is like police stakeout hidden in trash cans of the slum
    Fair thee well absolite plans and ideologies-the time has come

    I must leave this Manhaberlin, home of brave corporate blunders
    I must walk through Garden followed with curses and thunders
    I must walk the desert’s lonely mile times myriad and one, so
    I must crash in disbelief, let body die and desperation grow

    The moment has come and none shall remember what I did
    The belly of desert snake shall keep all of me perfectly hid
    And my body will lie there with thumb in ever hungry mouth
    aching to resurrect as B-movie mutant, yearning to come out

    (Inspired with „First We Take Manhattan“)

    Aleksandar Novaković
    Ljuba Vučkovića 11
    11 000 Beograde

  9. If Hitler comes back at 7: am.

    If Hitler comes back
    He will be friendly to cats
    Walking the mid night hour
    He will use the phone
    In a yellow light
    His voice lighting up the night
    He will dress up in brown
    To walk from the frame
    Of his canvas world
    He will sniff the smoking pipe
    Air of brunt sienna
    Armies of men will carry night
    Caught between their shoulders
    An iron cross of tie pins
    Will flood the tinkle shops
    Of Denver
    When Hitler comes back
    Gulls will fly in sky
    Caught between open windows’
    Yellow night
    Children shall draw
    Consternations of stellation
    On the sky.


    A poem in honor of Leonard Cohen (specifically in response to his poem “Here We Are at the Window”)

    “We are the order
    of style, we are pure
    style called to delight
    a fold of the sky.”
    Do you hear those I’s
    dismissing themselves
    in the sleek stylis-
    tics of sound, the calm
    matrices of un-
    naming, the wild free-
    dom of excessive
    solitude, a bro-
    ken sandal strap, a
    warm guitar, and wine?

    and erotic ad-
    ventures, rise from your
    hiding places in
    the bare rooms of past
    diligence, of craft
    married to longing,
    of the occult rites
    of love cried away
    with a smile. Then, give
    over, gently, the
    freedom of your pain,
    the temptation of
    your honor. Sing me,
    L. Cohen, that song,
    the one that re-sounds
    “the eyes and hidden
    mouths of stone and light
    and water.” Thank you.

    –Brian Nowlin

  11. A poem with response to a number of Cohen songs/poems

    I try to capture
    the words for these lines
    but there are no guarantees
    that they are stolen
    from a man
    who has sentenced me
    to forty years of longing.
    I hear the master sing
    but I try to leave
    before he goes clear
    P Needham.

  12. Tribute to Leonard Cohen
    by Ermengarde Tenderstone
    copyright 2009 by Ermengarde Tenderstone

    You danced me to the first encounter back in ’74
    Suzanne and Marianne were there, soon Nancy closed the door
    Strangers, Jesus, jokers, dealers, burning violins
    You danced me and I said, “Come in”

    Master, partisan and Joan of Arc and Isaac too
    Queen Victoria, Alexandra, introduced by you
    Eyelids in the rain beyond the sleepy golden storm
    Beauty broken down but warm

    Chelsea number two, conception, birthright unto me
    Looking through the semi-precious stone you gave so free
    Guests and birds upon the wire, gathering around
    Soothing me, the gentle sound

    I dreamed about you baby, seeing you were mostly light
    I saw the winter lady, she was beautiful and bright
    Comforted by sisters with their mercy flowing free
    Loving how you sang for me

    Jane came by and handed me a precious lock of hair
    Taken from the golden-throated bard from over there
    Teacher, can you teach me hallelujahs that fulfill?
    Teach me if it be your will

    Saving all my ribbons like a knight from some old book
    Feeding all the hunger like a worm upon a hook
    Building up my desert house and keeping records well
    Sweet upon my ears you fell

    If it be your will I’d like to find my way to see
    The place you had referred to as the house of mystery
    You sang your song but told no lies, your words rang ever true
    I found in them a sense of you

    Who by by water, who by fire, who by brave ascent?
    How can I convey just what your words to me have meant?
    Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the sea
    And you’re a light that shines on me

    Having tea and oranges, you have no idea just what
    That brings to mind for me from way beyond a door that’s shut
    I went into a hospital where none were well although
    You always let your beauty show

  13. I just submitted my poem today. It was written especially for this publication, so is very new to me. Now to wait and see what happens.

  14. Yes, G-d was a monkey
    When he intro’d you to me
    You should be 37
    But you were f***ing 73!

  15. Hidden in a shawl of sorrow
    Entangled in loss and longing
    Singing healing threads
    to weave a new fabric of existence
    In the tower of song

  16. Who by poetry?

    Who could have told me what it would cost and what I’d get
    For all of the joys and sorrows that I hadn’t even known yet
    For all the ways I would feel my young heart swell and break
    For the tiny temporary rewards & all the hard work they’d take?

    Who could have told me, when my family dubbed me dead?
    Who could have told me, while I sat alone in dread?
    To whom could I have gone to pour my worries in their ears?
    Who’d even begin to understand the depths of my love & fears?

    Who but your voice, when I was 17 and lying in his bed
    Through his stereo, his arms, and your words into my head
    Those words told me someone understood how I was “pinned”
    The voice echoed my positioning & frequencies within

    I had a source, a light through the darkness around me
    I had an elder who had been there & left a map in poetry
    Through your books and songs I found points “You are Here”
    I felt comforted & prepared for the dark delights now clear.

    Who but you could have taught me to love love for what it is?
    Who but you, and how could I ever return such a great service?

    Thank you!

    And Happy Birthday 🙂

  17. I love the pics at the photo blog posted below, and some fantastic poems here too! I was just reading about Cohen on another post, namely where he derived the inspiration and influence for the gorgeous lyrics he came up with. Also looked at his infloox page (see links at that blog post) and was surprised to see that so many of his influences come from literature instead of music…

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