A girl slides bling bling across barren plot. Hides from time in will have been dawn. Bronze sky. Mouth wide open, air vent down through anus, strung to the real, a squirming bead on floss of air. The air on her tongue metallic like a Valium. Abandoned bus a bar at night, bronze now like the sculptures scattered across the land. Sculptures, unrecognized signs of dystopic landscape. Softest noise drone from farthest out and closer too than a girl’s organs, vibrating her organs. A noise, the silent damaged footage of an atomic explosion. No void only void. Is she suffering? A girl makes love to God fucks God. A bling bling girl feels star light definite thump light. Dust swirls silver dust blankets objects. City fox passes a girl, as if on snow. A group, remainder of the night sits pale like drugs, gesturing and silent like the noise in the will have been dawn.

N.b. ‘hides from time’ and ‘…makes love to God fucks God’ taken from Queen Adreena songs ‘Hide from time’ and ‘Heavenly surrender’

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