What frustrates me, for instance, is the fact that the problem of drugs is always envisaged only as a problem of freedom and prohibition. I think that drugs must
be a part of our culture.
Q- As a pleasure?
F. As a pleasure. We have to study drugs. We have to experience drugs. We have to do good drugs that can produce very intense pleasure.
I think this puritanism about drugs, which implies that you can either
be for drugs or against drugs, is mistaken. Drugs have now become a
part of our culture. Just as there is bad music and good music, there
are bad drugs and good drugs. So we can’t say we are “against” drugs
any more than we can say we’re “against” music.


Q. Politically speaking, probably the most important part of looking
at power is that, according to previous conceptions, “to resist” was
simply to say no. Resistance was conceptualized only in terms of nega-
tion. Within your understanding, however, to resist is not simply a
negation but a creative process; to create and recreate, to change the
situation, actually to be an active member of that process

M.F. Yes, that is the way I would put it […]

Foucault, ‘Sex, power and the politics of identity’

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