There is the documentary ‘Zizek!’, about Zizek. And just now I came across a whole lot of extras that did not make it into the documentary itself. Here a transcription of part of the video below, with Zizek violently (and at the end, hilariously) holding forth about the importance of theory:

We should insist on this apparently totally narcissistic attitude – but it’s not narcissistic because it’s not about us, it’s theory. This attitude that theory matters. Ultimately theory is the only thing that matters. And here I’m a totally theoretical narcissist…

Hegel said about Peloponnesian wars: ‘the true historical function of the Peloponnesian war, was to be able to enable us to write a book about the war. And it’s the same for me, and this is not some kind of eccentricity, it’s something very personal.

Even my daily pleasures – listening to music, watching movies – are justified as a means for writing theory… I don’t have the right to live just to be alive, it has to serve theory. Which is why I cannot imagine myself growing old… I think I deserve to die. If people grow old and no longer able to do what they are meant to do they should be softly killed by the state, I find this absolutely sympathetic.

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