A late interview with Céline (1961; the year he died) to be viewed at Ubu. He seems to have been slightly overtaken by the cliché that writers/artists end up sounding more and more like themselves. Or maybe it is just because the cynical misanthropist part of his personality is usually emphasized. Here are some quotes with English transcription (from the full transcription, available as PDF on the same Ubu site).

Est-ce que vous souffrez quand vous pensez que certaines personnes dissent,
pensent ou font du mal?

Do you suffer when you think that some people say, think, or do evil things?

Ah! Non, je m’en fous énormément.  Je ne m’intéresse pas aux hommes, je
m’intéresse aux choses, n’est-ce pas?

No, I really don’t give a damn.  I’m not interested in people, I’m interested in things
of course.

Your hero in Journey to the End of the Night Bardamu discovers the war by fear.  It
has been said of you that you weren’t courageous.  Are you afraid of death?

Oh putain ! Maintenant, voyons, ça serait un soulagement.

Oh hell no! In any case, right now it would be a relief.

What kind of people do you like best?


Et que vous détestez le plus?

And what kind do you hate the most?


What is your most familiar emotion?  Shame?  Disdain?  Disgust?  Love?  Friendship,

Le travail.  Je suis ici pour travailler.  Je suis un pauvre travailleur.  N’est-ce pas,
comme disait Descartes, je n’ai pas plus de génie que les autres, mais j’ai plus de
méthode, n’est-ce pas!

Work.  I am here to work.  I am a poor worker.  Is it not, like Descartes said, I’m no
more of a genius than others, but I have more method, don’t I?

What is your greatest joy in life?

Eh bien, mon Dieu, je dois vous avouer que je n’en ai pas beaucoup.  Je ne suis pas
un être  de joie, je ne suis pas un passager.  J’avoue que je serai content quand je
mourrai, voilà la vérité.  C’est que je désire mourir de la façon la moins douloureuse
possible, surtout que je n’ai pas besoin, je ne suis pas assoiffé de douleur.

Oh good, my God, I must admit to you that I don’t have much of it.  I am not a
joyous being, I am not a passenger.  I admit that I will be happy when I die, that’s
the truth.  That I want to die in the most painless manner possible, mostly that I
don’t need it, I don’t have a thirst for pain.

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