Watched this documentary about Malcolm Lowry, a writer tormented by alcoholism. You can watch it online here

Some quotes about Lowry from the movie:

– – –


I couldn’t see any way for Lowry to go out except the way he did. Apparently he drowned in his own vomit and i don’t see anything wrong with that. I think it’s quite fitting and in keeping with the way Malcolm lived

Armed with a ukelele and a regular injection of his father’s money he was seldom seen at the university. He had as he said, better things to do

Drink helped to appease the demons. But it seemed there was only one way they could be truly exorcised; he could write them tot death.

Up to now he had been merely a poseur, playing with ideas of madness and oblivion. But this was now longer the rich bourgeois world, where one fell about on soft grass. Here were minds that were really rotted by alcohol, syphilis, hopelessness. Here were things that kept on living, despite the fact they were beyond repair

He gradually thought he understood the meaning of death, not as a sudden dispatch of violence, but as a function of life

Success is like some horrible disaster, worse than your house burning. The sounds of ruination following each other fast, while you stand, the helpless witness of your damnation. Fame like a drunkard consumes the house of the soul exposing that you have worked for only this. Ah, that I never suffer this treacherous kiss, may be left in darkness forever to founder and fail.

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