for Berend / Rosa

A shadow confirms a sun

a sun waits the duration of a sun

for a shadow. A difference makes

enough difference to be.

A skull is for someone a head

a head is for someone a pillow

a pillow is for someone a game

a game is for someone a movement

of shadows. A movement is

for someone in every moment nearly

new. A new moment is for someone

a difference that someone had not

thought. A difference is for someone

enough. Enough is for someone a

love. A love is for someone a someone

A someone is for someone a skull

that is a head full of solace. Solace

is for someone a warbling wave

that does not stop (but becomes soft,

unhearable, unbearably loud but never

stops on all sides of a death

(on endless sides of endlessness)

but is changeable like a shadow

that plays with a sun, does

move like a shadow.

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