After my brief thoughts a few days ago, Adam Fieled just coincidentally also posted some ephemera about sex and everything else:

A man may ejaculate once or twice a day for every day of his adult life. Yet only a few times will this produce anything. So it is with art (for men and women).

Sex is the dominant arena in which things change but do not change. Thus, season tickets are mandatory for genuine artists. Sit in the bleachers if you have to.

Sex only becomes distasteful if it is represented one-dimensionally.

If there is a sin in sex, it is that women are not encouraged to learn how their bodies work. Internet porn teaches young women to pander to male fantasies. This is a circumstance that must change.

Yet, it must also be said that there is a potentiality in pornography for genuine artistry. Porn that is not overly or overtly stylized could become a kind of real language. The Internet is moving us this way already.

Most of the above I like. To this, ‘women are not encouraged to learn how their bodies work’ I would add: the same and possibly even more so for men.

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