Janne Levin is an astro-physicist who also writes fiction. Interesting combination. I remember reading poems by an astro-physicist poet (I wish I could remember his name…anyone?..). Here she explains the (un)likely combination of Turing and Gödel in the same novel:

Alan Turing is most famous for breaking the German Enigma code during World War II. But among scientists, he’s best known for pure mathematical discoveries inspired by Kurt Gödel’s greatest work. Taken together their work proves that there are fundamental limits to what we can ever know. In the wake of this massive blow to knowledge, Turing invents the computer. So here they converge on some phenomenal truth about numbers but then diverge completely in their worldviews – Turing becomes an atheist who believes we are no more than soulless biological machines and Gödel believes in reincarnation of a soul. And then their suicides are bleakly complementary – Gödel starves himself to death in a paranoid delusion that his food is poisoned and Turing intentionally eats poisoned food, an apple, straight out of Snow White. I said you can’t make this stuff up.

And about combining academia with fiction writing:

I haven’t figured out a smooth method. For long stretches I write as though that’s all there is and then I research for long stretches as though that’s all there is. And I teach. And I have two babies. Open to advice.

And as a professor of astronomy she also knows how to explain theories of the Big Bang in two minutes:

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