Via digital emunction: Watch a video of Geoffrey Gatza of BlazeVox transforming Kenneth Goldsmith’s ‘Day’ into Kent Johnson’s ‘Day’

A lot of back and forth the past few days (pun yes) about Kent Johnson’s reappropriation of Kenneth Goldsmith’s Day. I think there is merit to both, but Goldsmith is funnier. Which is something I appreciate about Goldsmith, his affirmation; he never says no. One poet, I forget who (it’s an interview with Kareem Estefan on Ceptuetics), once did a (sort of boring) rendering of Soliloquy (KG’s 24 hours of himself talking), by using the function in Word to summarize texts, to condense it down to a few pages. In any case, the point is that after Soliloquy has been condensed it is something like 40 procent ‘yeahs’, which was annoying to listen to but points to an affirmative way of thinking that I appreciate in KGs work and presentation.

I guess, now that Day has been appropriated, it seems like it had to happen, and if anything, Kent Johnson was certainly a likely candidate. In the video linked to above it’s funny how Geoffrey Gatza not only rewraps Day and replaces Goldsmith’s name with stickers of Kent Johnson’s name; it it also Gatza (not Johnson) who signs the copy of Day ‘Kent Johnson’.  

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