My god, what is going on with Mr. Paul Zukofsky. I think I have literally never read anything so full of resentment, bitterness, anger, biting sarcasm, cynicism, unnecessary insult.

He wants money for every word anyone quotes from Louis (and Celia) Zukofsky’s poetry. But even if you grant him that he owns the copyright and therefore should be paid for citations, why would someone want to prevent people from studying Zukofsky’s work? Why so aggressive, and even threatening (and not even to a specific person who might actually have been an ass, but to anyone in general who is (thinking of) doing scholarly work on Zukofsky).

In general, as a matter of principle, and for your own well-being, I urge you to not work on Louis Zukofsky, and prefer that you do not. Working on LZ will be far more trouble than it is worth. You will be far more appreciated working on some author whose copyright holder(s) will actually cherish you, and/or your work. I do not, and no one should work under those conditions.


I can perhaps understand your misguided interest in literature, music, art, etc. I would be suspicious of your interest in Louis Zukofsky, but might eventually accept it. I can applaud your desire to obtain a job, any job, although why in your chosen so-called profession is quite beyond me; but one line you may not cross i.e. never never ever tell me that your work is to be valued by me because it promotes my father. Doing that will earn my life-long permanent enmity. Your self-interest(s) I may understand, perhaps even agree with; but beyond that, in the words of e.e.cummings quoting Olaf: “there is some s I will not eat”.

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  1. This is quite obviously bullshit, the stuff he believes he can get away with – prohibiting all quotations, demanding that permission be sought for quotations – even if no money sought – would not stand up in court, esp if the quoter was a grad student and any of this was for the purposes of research and or private study, parody, satire, criticism. What a lazy idiot. Quote away, i say.

  2. Further to that, and in light of the New Yorker Article, see the law case Schloss v Estate of James Joyce, where Jocyean scholar was permitted to use sections. Just type it in to Google.

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