Everything I needed for my suicide was in my backpack, but I dropped in at a supermarket to buy various things just in case. Candles, batteries for the radio, stomach medicine, eau de cologne, shaving things.

Day  1: I’ve given up eating. All I need is a tiny shelter, built using the existing trees…What will I do if someone finds me before I die? Day 17: In the evening I could hear the sound of insects: I’m not alone. The only sound coming from the radio is like the buzzing of the mosquito there are three candles left…

Wow. Haunting. That is from the documentary ‘The sound of insects’ Peter Liechti, based on the novel miira ni narumade by Shimada Masahiko, based on the true story of a mummified body found in a remote forest.

A cinematic manifesto for life, challenged by the main character’s radical renunciation of life itself.

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