cruel                            angel                              bite

angel                            bites                               heaven

muscle                         palpitations                 toward

palpitations                 toward                         folded

connect                        forgetting                     arch

forget                            arc                                  onto

lumps                           rejoins                           open

re-                                 open                              concession

joinders                       centreless                    field

race                              field                                swells

centreless                    ceases                           borderless

beginnings                  boundless                   allow

cease                            area                                bubbles

again                            bubbles                         regain

2 thoughts on “heart murmur

  1. this should be sent into space. for alien eyes only. maybe one day, when obama launches a new voyager, with a new golden record, yeah.

  2. your poem (or the way you’ve laid it out), makes my eyes jump across the page and back in a kind of spin.


    (hope you’re well btw)

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