‘The self is an imaginary construct, made of parts of one like the other so to be recognized as one by an other, thus made contingent. Mimicry/mimesis being the means by which the subject makes the imaged self. Contingency/multiplicity is therefore the one true nature of universality’ (Notes on Conceptualisms). ‘Dance as thought equals, ‘also play, of course, frees the body from social mimicry, gravity and conformity.’ (Badiou). ‘I think where I am not therefore I am where I do not think.’ (Lacan). Where I is not, lamella is. Pre-subjective substance, ‘something extra-flat, which moves like the amoeba…’ (Lacan) The dancer does not dance. Lamella dances through the dancer. The dancer without organs. The dancer amoeba. The dancer dances amoeba. The bones are emptied of I, the I becomes gelatin, ground-up bone. Sweet death / ‘drive, he sd, for / christ’s sake look / out where yr going.’

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