Abandoned experiment, this, but dumping it here anyway. Together with ‘Knot I‘ (all the sentences in a newspaper containing the pronoun ‘I’) and ‘Names I‘ (all the sentences in Beckett’s Unnameable starting with ‘I’) ‘i’ was supposed to be one part of an ‘I’-engulfing triptych. It uses (nearly) all of the words in a German/English dictionary that only have the long /ai/ as the vowel sound.

–  –

Pyrite-lined smiles sidle by sight. Slice night like twilight knives. Fine lie pried by shires. Riot site, ripe strife, vile fights, slime climbs. Tire fires, timed right, rise thrice, like wild pyres. Sigh quiet cry, fright. Strive sidle by dire site. Find trifle plight like mine quite trite. Smile while child cries. I grind nine pipes, dive, tires, find flightline stripes, triumph! Ride bike like life-line. Glide miles, smile riot bye-bye.

High like fly kite, I slide my stride. Wired by spiced pipe. My scribe titled Christ dials, Skypes divine shite, types live. Writes signs like rhyme, rhymes life like dice. I wire my hype. ‘Psyche!’ chimes Christ. I rise, wipe pride by side, type, ‘right, right.’ I bite bile, tired by tight tie. Lice fly by like lies. I strike my side, pry spine; ripe lice bites. I eye fine find.

Try my vice, buy my vial; ripe, vile wine like vine. I sigh my mind white while I slice chives, brine, rye, thyme, pie, spice. Wild child chimes trite rhymes, cites sites like rime, shire, prize, dice! Quite pyrite rhymes my child. By quiet light lies wise climb. Dire cries glide high – rise like quires – rise bright-eyed guys’ ire. Flies fly by, time wide flight. Kind guys find fire, hide by dry shrines. Fined tithe by snide Christ-like guy.

Tight bind. Guys jibe while trying mild chide, thrice tri-vice. Jive-like hive slights Christ. Guys rive time like snipes, skive life by scythes. Blight piled lyres, smite die, pry dimes. Pile hi-fi high like might.

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