Now leafing through Sculpting in Time Tarkofsky’s book on time in cinema, and he quotes Dostoyevsky:

Stavrogin: . . . in the Apocalypse the angel swears that there’ll
be no more time.
I know. It’s quite true, it’s said very clearly and
exactly. When the whole of man has achieved
happiness, there won’t be any time, because it won’t
be needed. It’s perfectly true.
Where will they put it then?
They won’t put it anywhere. Time isn’t a thing, it’s
an idea. It’ll die out in the mind.

— F. Dostoyevsky, The Possessed

– –

Zizek also talks about time in Tarkovsky, when he discusses ‘Stalker’ (at 3.25).

‘Time is not just a neutral light medium in which things happen, we feel the density of time itself. Things that we see are more markers of time.’

One thought on “Tarkovsky and time

  1. i’ll keep a jar of time for nostalgic purposes anyway.

    love how this is actually saying that time is a disease that mankind needs to cope with in order to produce happiness before the apocalypse.

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