In this film [Andrei Rublev] it is my message that it is impossible to pass on experience to others or learn from others. We must live our own experience, we cannot inherit it. People often say, ‘Use your fathers’ experience!’, but that’s too easy, we each must go through our own experiences. But once we’ve got it we no longer have time to use it. And the new generations rightly refuse to listen to it. They want to live it, but then they also die. This is the law of life, its real meaning, that we cannot impose our experience on other people, or force them to feel suggested emotions. Only through personal experience do we understand life.

Rublev, the monk, lived a complex life; he studied with Radonevsky at the Holy Trinity, but he lived at variance with his teaching. He got to see the world through his master’s eyes only at the ned of his own life, which he had lived his own way.

From ‘A Poet of the Cinema’

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