Reading here about Peter Handke’s Weight of the world a combination of personal rumination and professional notes for writing. Have wanted to read Handke since learning that he co-wrote the script for ‘Himmel Uber Berlin’ (mailed it to Wenders in parts I believe, when filming had already started). There is a beautiful poem that is read in parts throughout the movie, ‘Lied Vom Kindsein’ (‘Song of Childhood / Being Child / Child Being’).

In Weight of the World Handke writes a story that reminds me of another story by the phenomenally successful Swedish author  Stig Dagerman (until he committed suicide at 35), in which a person locks her(?)self in a room and asks to be let out. This story by Handke is sort of the opposite and sort of very similar:

“”A gentleman wants to be alone. (Already there’s no one in the room.) He rings for his servant and says in response to the knock: ‘Don’t come in.’ At last he is alone.””

One thought on “The weight of the world

  1. Thanks for the link. Haven’t seen your blog before, but am adding it to my reader…

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