That, friends and everyone, is the cover of the first issue of Cleaves. Cleaves is a project initiated by Harry Godwin in England and consists of contributions from many cities, more info at the Cleaves blog.

Many thanks to Harry for the wonderful idea and the energy time he put in to organize it all. And many thanks to the poets for contributing. Am looking forward to the next one, and to enjoying this first issue and hope you all do too.

Check out this amazing cover by Monika Cichoń created for the Berlin section

And why not here is the little intro I wrote for Cleaves Berlin:

It is to be learnt –
this cleaving and this burning

writes Hart Crane in ‘Legend’. And what is this cleaving? Cleaves is a word that sutures two opposing meanings. It can mean to adhere closely; stick; cling; but as a transitive verb also to split, divide, pierce or penetrate.

A fitting name for a magazine that collects poets from poetry communities around the world. Initiated by Harry Godwin, in England, issues of Cleaves have simultaneously been compiled in many different countries. Cleaves therefore not only brings together, but also divides, in the sense that it brings together contributions from vast geographical distances, while precisely emphasizing their local qualities.

This first issue of Cleaves’ Berlin edition will celebrate the synthesis of disjunction that is inherent in the journal’s name by collecting poems under the loose theme of another name that carries a similar paradox; namely, ‘heart/love’. The double label ‘heart’ + ‘love’ denotes the variety of perspectives from which the cardiac is (loosely) explored – from the lyrical to the empirical.

Neil Addison writes poems of gritty lyricism, defiant resignation and/or resigned defiance in the face of inevitability. His chapbook The Everyday of Irma Kite (2009) was published by Arthur Shilling Press. His blog is flyingpigfoldingchair.blogspot.com

Bjarte Alvestad creates assemblages of poetry and photography of which both elements play off and add nuance to the other. His work celebrates the recurrence of life in everything, even in emptiness, with strange and wonderful connections. His blog can be found at, halfpastsamurai.blogspot.com

Michalis Pichler is an artist who has photographed many spots on the streets of Berlin that contained objects with hearts. By transcribing any and all of the text found on these objects he has created a series of conceptual poems that reflect the heart as it subsists among us as lost or discarded detritus, but often with highly personalized, or personal meaning. For more see: buypichler.com

The cover art is by Monika Cichon, more of whom you can find at monikacichon.com, and monikacichon.blogspot.com

2 thoughts on “First issue of Cleaves

  1. Hey Jennifer,
    Cleaves has regional editors for all the separate issues (which are subsequently also printed as one magazine), as far as I know anyone could come forward and start Cleaves New York. Like.. you maybe? 🙂

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