Am still reading Peter Handke’s Das Gewicht der Welt (The Weight of the World), a book of observations about life, well about people mainly (and quite a few about children specifically). It’s funny though how some of them border on the bathetic, while depending on which mood you read them in, they can also seem simply very beautiful or accurate. Incidentally, the same goes for Himmel Uber Berlin (of which Handke (co?)wrote the script), which although one of my favourite movies , can also seem way too sentimental/saccharine depending on what state of mind you watch it in. The first line below is by Handke (in my free translation), the rest are mine.

– –

The interviewer says of ‘The Lonely’, ‘Tell me the story of loneliness!’ The interviewee remains silent.

The interviewer does not repeat her question or ask another. Silence strings the scene together.

The audience hears the buzzing of an amp, muffled as if a giant pillow fills the studio.

The sole child in the audience thinks with a discomfort approaching regret about the fly he pulled some legs off of that morning.

A woman in the audience strains to feign an unfeigned ‘radiating presence’ as she notices the camera swing in her direction.

‘Scandalously unkempt child’, she scowls a moment later, suspiciously eyeing a boy’s wide-open eyes and long, secretly dirtied fingernails.

A husband asks a wife, ‘What did I miss?’. She hisses, with affective indignation, ‘Shh, the writer is talking about silence now!’

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