Not again for Mozes’ sake, any way around this, keeping options open, is not an option, done that, wiggled my way out, I thought (I thought), a rush of sound, a peripatetic truck, a jolt, of love, of reason minus a something else, diffraction patterns, where objects meet, curve each other around, so singularly, of stalemate, minus paper mate, ‘mate’ in Dutch, means mate and measured, not in extremes, ‘drink but drink with yr mates’, the juices flowing, controlled but littered, freedom only to choose, no ground, where you think, it is, cruel chiaroscuro, smooth space equating, the ever fall, pound of flesh, matriculate desire, acts by reserving potential, hack strut, slack fret, I capitulate into who will hold, s/he will catch him falling backwards from the ledge, s/he will not, hold him having fallen, I trust you but am heavy-boned, coffee toner, creaky hinges, the hinges s/he has heard them, a speckle of frog, because of the distance, not stretching, thinking a body without bones, dance boneless, in excess or recess of your movements, half weary a pilot session, can be done, unclear about directions, but they will be t/here, Adam Smith was wrong, constellations in the stars, not just the ones on record, any old umbrella, or bucket or pail, with spillage

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