What the heck?: Craig Venter has created the first synthetic cell. Which goes something like this: the cell’s DNA software is replaced by computer-engineered software, which the cell immediately takes over thus becoming a new species of cell. Venter says this shows two things “that life is not static but changing by the second, and that life is the result of an information process, a software process. Our genetic code is our software.” He further mentions some of the applications wide-ranging applications: from using algae to capture CO2, fabricating chemicals, foods, new vaccines.

One other thing Venter mentions is that he also injected language into a cell. This immediately reminded me of Christian Bök’s Xenotext project, which involves the same (or a similar) process except that Bök wants to calculate the bacterium’s reaction will be upon injection of the amino acid alphabet. Something that I believe means going through many zeros of calculations.

“We are entering a new era where we are limited mostly by our imaginations” posits Craig Venter. Science becomes poetry / becomes science.

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