Curls into a ball with dangling feet     a comma     not here if I
don’t see me     but he slows things down      does despite himself
keep some points     together     to gather     into his orbit      turbulence
his body     a vibrant  rumination    sometimes new  emergence of
comma protruding through the   equilibrium   of

breaks (off)      wears (down)      leaves (over)      looks (back)

moves on    allows objects that meet his mind    to pause
him    pierce like commas    where his mind rubs off     God    pausing for
all the fine and terrible things     being paused     in each moment    he
somehow moves through    his day      moves through him     infinitely
pushes  through him as he enmeshes this endlessly   with his body

water-net     gauze-air      sand-water      net-wrap

wraps himself around each object   moment     movement
comma   komm mal breather   stretches out   ward     into
a line of carpet     vanishes   a  trace     a slip of the pen

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