So this is to what we, a-
woke. No surprise, tedium,

however, laced with sparkles
ever   how    ever   how .    Can

stand out on pier raise eyes
to ever   new how   ever seen

all the moments already hardly
here squeezed into each other.

Always another window to the
world. Chaos dwindling from the roofs

excellent situation: mad confusion
decision as a way of breathing. Stop

the notion of thinking. If it must be done.
Can step back with clicks from heels, can

squat bum on heels, on knees stretched
arms crossed over, on forearms chin. Can

gaze hard and do no harm? Can slightly look
and eye a fleeting trace? In any case unknown

objects remain hidden. The book of ants, the drifting
aircraft, lightweight white diamond   lands unseen

in a rainforest clearing, amidst a collection of villagers.
Savages they have been called. Poets of the lidless eye.

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