She is a passenger, a prisoner
Of the passage. She slides off
The surface of language, breathes
In the fluttering pages, she
Slurps up the alphabet soup,
She impregnates the crowd
Of the language, she is a sieve
For the crowds’ onrushing
Language, she is a rock crashing
against the gold of the song,
She is a murmur vibrated by
a scurrying murmur stretching
across rooftops, dwindling from
the rooftops, squeezing underneath
a door. She lies her head and sighs
she licks her lip and smiles
a gibberish smile

One thought on “Passenger

  1. Jeroen,

    Hi! You have won a Griffin Poetry Prize anthology, by way of a random draw of our Twitter followers. We’re giving away copies of our anthology to celebrate passing 3,000 followers on Twitter.

    At your earliest convenience, please contact us via email or Twitter to confirm the address to which we should send your anthology.

    Vicki Ziegler
    Griffin Trust Web Site Manager

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