she practises  a needle and a thread  she sews herself up from her toes until her head  she pierces all her painful parts  but she starts with her toenails  she sews herself up  she sews all her openings  shut  sews herself into a cocoon  her legs and trunk and head are a bundle of white thread  only one arm sticks out from the silver wormlike shape  she has become  cocoon wriggle wriggles to balcony  the arm sticks its wrist through thread  pulls wrist twists wrist  pulls thread tight  pushes up body against balcony rail  flips legs feet over rail  falls body heavy over ledge  falls body twang hard from balcony ledge  hangs body from pale white tendril appendage from sliver from grasping white corals of digits  body hangs from pale white tendril appendage  from sliver  from grasping white corals of digits


this person  somewhere near middle  of frenzied railway station  takes off his clothes  his suit  unties his tie  steps out of his pants of suit  his underwear  socks  this person lets his blazer slip to floor  lets shirt slide down shoulders  back  arms  to floor  this man steps out of shoes  easy  as if they were sizes too big  leaves the pile of garments like a shell  on floor  steps back  retreats  walks off walks on until he stops  this man sits tailor-style on pavement  of some backward corner  abandoned parking & cracked and dusty pavement  this person sees dust thinks desert  sees dust blown violently  the whirlwind  this man does not move to defecate to drink  different random strangers passerbyers  on occasion  does not accept the incidental offerings  of drink or sustenance  coins or physical abuse  there are moments  he is found dead or not breathing  faded with bruises  and a smiley face  this woman sits with this person and holds his whole body in her arms  she looks like a boy he looks like a figure-shaped shimmer


storm & a cliff  does happen often enough  the hail the raging wind  this person screams against the wind  this person runs & jumps off the edge of a cliff  the wind takes her up and in reverse  and she lands right back where she jumped  returns to town  feels empty & full  breathes through her pores rubber skin rain skin brain sparky-frizzled  smush-dull  will again  try tomorrow


quick with unperceived movement   has sat here unmoving  one leg stretched one knee burning from being bent  but maybe not because he pays no attention  his hand does some thinking  motions well  well, motions unclear  this could become a slant answer  or a(n) (un)finished question  his hand grasps a pencil  the child’s clutch  the awkward movement   the terrified movement  the new handwriting  interstice of  true and seeming letters  hazardous lines  slow hard-pressed repetition  easy  straight line  pencil point break indentation  thick heavy charcoal black line  pencil sharp grain barely contact  scarcely paper pixel stir line


such so so  so such such  she traipses  she traipse much  she pushes her perambulator  she ambles her ambler  plods onward and over  she nods nods  padding the intervals  smiles a madness  completes the long haul  with every shuffle of her feet  perambulator  her push thing  a baby was found in the snow  it cried out its air and it let in the cold  no baby today in her push thing  she plods  a direction  a straight line  if it was possible to walk in a straight line


I repeats she in her/his head  I. I.   you. she.   points she at herself in her/his head  you. she.  you! you! you! she! she!  the figures attack at some points of her figure you! you! she!  I licks herself like the paws of a cat  cannot reach there  not everywhere  I licks herself rubs her arms over arms over head  stretches arms out pushes forward chest screams joy & terror terrorjoy terrorjoy  wheezes back  fades out  into relative silence  always were so  as if  like pain one forgets  remembers distant  the way a season one forgets  distant remember


window to the world  closed eyes/open eyes  no matter  variations on the same difference  but no more no less of it all  kill out eyes out  possible but no matter


she walks into the suicide forest  unrolling a ball of string  pulling it over and through the greenness  the supple branches of trees  there is already string where she walks  crossing over and across the branches  she has been here before  in the shape of other figures  at the edge of their death  she is there in the form of a man  he has sat in the forest for days  he has not brought a string  he is not going back  he is waiting for stop  she is there in the form of the corpse who hangs from a branch of a tree  against the trunk of a tree  she is there in the ghosts of the 100s of dead  who came here to die  have been found by the ranger  the keeper of woods become the keeper of suicides  she is there in her footsteps on the moss and the soft ground  in her breath as she unrolls her thread over branches and leaves  she is there as she looks for a clearing  from which not to return  & collapse is upon her so fine  when her feet move again  she is tracing the string back to where its begin


a searing fells the sky in schism  and from air the rip hits dirt and tears the land   a figure pulls at the edge of landscape  where it has come loose  similar to: lightning strikes a sheet of ice comes loose from its connecting body  the figure shakes dirt off the sheet of landscape similar to: shake crumbs from napkin  she folds a dirtless lawn into her pocket  similar to: squares of bristly Lego grass  she folds the landscape to one side  she digs at the dirt beneath her feet  with strong but easy movement she excavates the innerworld  where she has heard a rumbling of the world  she disappears into a hole  she pulls her landscape back over head  manhole cover  she breathes the dirt  the movement squirming


man lies flat on ground  presses face down soft thru water  presses cheek temple side  to mud  extracts prayer from mud  exchanges prayer with mud  with water mud  summons charm  burbles witter  objects gooey with time  man lies down & man gets up   & in between a moment  snap or boundless  dislodged from sequence  this man rises head dripping but straight  straight line  back down the straight line  uses bends  the unseen angles

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