A figure on the white square polyethylene bus stop bench sits slumped far forward, deep down, head tucked inward, elbows forearms resting on full upper thigh, frozen waterfall hands turned inward, downward slope, feet soles toes turned inward. His style is of a homeless person, except for three full shopping bags that are new not wasted, full with shiny plastic wrapped, not objects of a mobile home. He could be drunk out of his head, he could have drunk his head into cement, his body lead pillow. Did he get drunk between the place for shopping and the bus stop? He could be blasted with fatigue. From shopping? From some unseemly invisible disease? He can be asking of his mind a question that is causing him to cringe slow motion, slump homeless, slouch turtle curve shell, curl into self making a centre of absence inside inward-turned head, hands, feet, mole on soft bum. He could be a style of Käthe Kollwitz drawing. Victim of what? Parent of whom? Child of whom? He could be ecstatically enmeshed, his mind extended out to the rounded square cobblestones & polyethylene white square, holding his heavy large body.

A figurine, a figured she, stands before the slumpy figure, impotently pulls his left & right-hand, with her right & left hand. She pauses, tugs at his left hand with her right left hand. She pauses, she tugs, she yanks she jerks, with however only part a mind, her other parts of mind are in this moment terror & dumb face of her deadlocked mind. The figure he, sluggish, heavy, square, does never react. The figurette, the figure she, pushes into his shoulders, pushes with part a mind, part a heart, soul & the figured he rises, back, then falls back. She joins him, too sits, finds her square seat, overflowing & blank-eyed middle-distance, hazy fatigue distance, into the dusk not quite of the not quite evening. She places her left hand on his left hand, stares, she lifts his left hand with her both hands, he is busily unconscious out, he will have created a centre of absence which is inward turned head, hands, feet, secure. She sits mute scream, honey bunch, plaster shock, fat & soft,

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