Kane enters for Sara into a state of emergency. The emergency is not a threat but vibrations thru the body that want to spray her body outwards & make her stuck-together. Sarah’s mind fondles some things,

Kane puts on his tongue a square of paper impregnated with important words. Important for how Kane & Sarah & the words have formed strange attractors, trajectories, lines through inside places. The way the body is outside folded in,

Sarah’s mind is built from: a digital clock (it is stuck & vibrating with imminent alarm), there is a slab of language monologue, rage of tempo, a light pink felt ribbon black with slush, the important words that Kane once put on his tongue like a tab of acid, a brain (Sarah visualises nibbling on her own brain, a fork, no pain receptors there), samples of vertiginous experiences near-vertigo,

Sarah & Kane dissemble Sarah’s mind. Break, easy smash-it, this clock auto-disassembles anyway; chuck this baby out the window, keep the bathwater; rewind the tempo, undo, be being undone. Kane eats important words,

Kane is okay. Every time he tries to speak he burps, or every time he tries to speak he gasps for air & his throat hurts. Kane is onyx belly, comfortable & swift,

Sarah is being a lump of body. The bed is white & hospital, the sheets the pillow, the curtains, the wall. The floor is greyish, the bed frame is faded metal,

Occasionally Kane sometimes presses his face into his floor, his linoleum floor is a kind of soft, when it happens that Kane presses his face into his floor he tries to dent the floor with his nose and/or cheekbone. Possibilities.

When it happens Kane usually uses this opportunity to, additionally, prostrate, with arms straight out in front & hands palm flat on the floor ( legs of no consequence, folded or dangling or sometimes straight stretched).

Very very or never or secret & black & surge, Kane visits in between hours & sews a part of him to a part of Sarah. He has sewn much, parts of hand to parts of hand, hypothenar add distal interphalangeal, thenar append distal phalanx. Kane undoes his stitches before the nurse comes to show him (a)way,

Sarah floats logic bomb white-bedgowned just above her white-sheeted bed, her coloured pieces of her hurtling into each other. Kane sits forward, stretches into forward, sits parallel, attempts his perfect slid precision make

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