BJA rolls from a roof, falls from a bicycle into an Amsterdam canal. The bicycle falls alongside slightly after. BJA bikes into foaming promise waves of absolute vanish. Falls from his tears rolling from his eyes travelling down his cheeks & face. He readies himself & readies himself & readies & hops & wraps his body around a tree. He falls into what from standing becomes a geometrically sideways broken fall. BJA hangs from a tree, hangs tall & lanky from a limb, pulls at the limb of the tree & some limbs on his body. BJA falls from this tree into a water below of the Amsterdam Woods. He drops the light into night, is about to crack closed the remaining light, remain closing the crack of light. He crashes miraculously into a Los Angeles shore. His ship become a mess of lines. He sails again this time into the water away the shore. Into the Atlantic world, disappears away the world. Falls again & falls he miraculously fails, swallowed by the shoreless water. BJA falls a heavy wooden box unto him, covering him etiquettely tea party soliloquy,

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