A butterfly flaps mechanical wings
Coloured sheets of metal, flimsy but
I mean the butterfly will never wrap its wings
Around its body, if it did it could make itself
Look like a fictitious poppy?
A kid from a heartbreaking novel
Has his moment when he catches the frisbee
Without changing its flight of path without
Pulling it out of the air, his arm and this frisbee
Then join his brain, are his mind
The figures and the people and the dogs
Saunter over the beach exactly the way they are
Supposed to. The kid sees some of them then he sees
Nothing (in the air about to have performed
his frisbee-interception). One of the figures
is a man, a father & to his daughter is explaining
infinity can be trapped in finite spaces
like the curves of a shore of beach. This
daughter is what we call 6 years old  she
does not figure about infinity, which only
comes after the stars right? Besides, hearing
her father’s explaining-voice makes her think
of that time when he explained about
making permanent and temporary slides
for her microscope. Permanent means when
you will surely lose it at some point. She thought.
But then there was another moment
and she learnt that permanent means permanent.
Why does he always tell things at the wrong time
& not always like stories, only like stories when
he is trying to be matter-of-fact. There is also a beach
& this time with just the one person who one moment
Strolls (can you stroll on a beach?) another (the next?)
Moment experiences everywhere objects in collision
Not that they changed where they were, they did
But not unusually so, or not more than otherwise.
She felt seeing them all bouncing in to each other.
Each thing in a different way with each different thing
Reaching without finishing their reach,

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