C edges minimally direction sofa armrest, rests her arm so slightly ever over barely type of sofa armrest, C strokes ever so ever. This feels workable, opportunity like. In the get up & rush out, C brushes her homeroom-plant, hallway-wall, her corner-door, her outside-door, with calves, shins, back-hands, shoulders. but from now, in several attempts, C tries petting, with her physical, in a more certain manner. On a street she turns the sun onto her face & still as a performance artist / mannequin, she stands, next to a lamppost, traversed by sounds of the construction of an urban street scene. C moves from one to one foot to crush precisely with a twist of toes a relinquishing fat moth & when it happens, C stretches out her hand toward, who happens by, a figure & who in that moment stretches, distracted, hurried, out her left arm to free her hand up to her head, to scratch her nose, to hear her phone, pull at her ear. C’s back of right hand brushes along the figure’s left three middle fingers & they exchange barely skin and touch. The figure almost distracted out of her distraction, continues, puzzled about Did something happen just? C’s hand remains for some full seconds suspended, partly, on its way back from fully stretched, uncertain if it had meant to friction against this figure’s fingers. C leans for inhalation into the meeting of her back & line of lamppost, she fondles very carefully her right-side little finger, she strokes, with her left-side middle finger, circles around, the little bone protruding from her elbow, presses ebbing waves against the underside of her right knee, pushes flat her tongue into the oxter of her arm,

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