Disappears, almost, before she falls, into Niagara. C sits on ledge erect & safe, full of fun & camera. She disappears before she falls. But she vanishes long, & she falls with different speeds; fast & slow & still & silent, & full of interruptions, with the roars, of massive, rushing water. A. does not know why she takes a photo, of her falling friend. The falling girl becomes a part of, falls into, the imaged frame. (In another story, there is a girl stuck in a painting, slowly fading out of sight). C disappears almost before she falls, straight down, does not linger for a look around; the frame of the picture of C falling into Niagara falling, becomes the soul jar, for her soul. Her friend does regular fidgets, left pinkie, neck of tendon, left rear shoulder side, perform their minimal repetitions, with wild differences, twitch, jerk, pull, tear, shift, growl. She starts to growl so hardly not at all, so full. She has not gathered in her mind the ease with which C fell, her body understands still, C as sitting on her ledge, light as a feather falls from bird, light as a bird alights from perch, falls upward, humming, helicopter leaf. C does not flip flop, fudge or falsify; minces no words; does not make bones, does not wind up, spins no unnecessary yarns, she falls down, & does so properly, direct without delay; as one would tend to do. A., all flustered twitch & pull, all violent frozen blubber in the sun, all pudding nailed to wall, goes over to the famous ledge, stares down & snaps repeatedly the photo photo photo, picture frame of water, where C. fell, where it is not quite raging yet, yet flowing, on its way to raging tumble, over its own edge. A. snaps her pictures, pulls her image trigger, C. disappears before she falls, A. stands & trapped, compulsive her repulsive trigger finger clicks the snaps, snaps shots, shoots frames, pictures Kodachrome, reproduces its own movement, stammers stammer, stutters different shades of soul jar microtone,

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