VLAK3 has been released into the world! I have not seen it yet, but have heard it is a right tome (nearly 500 pages). VLAK1 & VLAK2 can be read in full online, along with many other cool books from Litteraria Pragensia. VLAK3 has work by a.o. Louis Armand, Charles Bernstein, Edmund Berrigan, Johannes Birringer, Sean Bonney, Pam Brown, Allen Fisher, Catherine Hales, Vaclav Havel, D.J. Huppatz, Peter Jaeger, Pierre Joris, John Kinsella, Chris Kraus, Peter Minter, Marjorie Perloff, Joan Retallack, Lawrence Upton, David Vichnar, Mckenzie Wark, Carol Watts, Slavoj Zizek; to name just a few…

There is also a slightly revised version of my short essay on Stephen Walter’s artistic map of London. See here for a mini-documentary (would embed it but Vimeo appears not to allow that), sneak preview of Walter’s most recent work, another map of London, but this time underground, “London Subterranea”, which is on exhibit now, in London.

London Subterranea, Stephen Walter, 2012

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