With dress soaked quite, thru, C has sometimes, been coming home. Nearby, the river has been streaming over banks, onto a steaming land of crust, dry dust. & from above aridity pulls droplets out of sky, turning the air into fast moving clouds of fog. You can try to be proper soaked, person soaked with water, instead of fish on dry  land. Full time apneist. Lungs spunged, laryngospasm, gasp burble, breath drench. Thoughts stop short, flat; thoughts spike frenzy, warbled singularity. Water does not give for soak for gasp for graceful drop. A truly drowny person does not shout or struggle, is not troubled or distressed.  Cs mouth opens onto the horizontal sky above, eyes tough milky glassy. The rushing water, but, pushes massively Cs body, sideways, downways, slightly frontward, in her back, so that the chest protrudes, the arms fall backways, the head the neck snap backhow, superstar struck pose, mega superhero pose, king of the world Titanic pose. Death by drown drown, people say the pleasantries, mellow, dark glow, slow fade, ago. Death by drown drown, people wake the screamzies, nightmare horror. Until it is turned off, her head is music. The music is not turned off, her head, her head. The force of water swirls her hand around, stirs a whirlpool into the streaming water; Cs feet hit some top layer of river bed, her body rests soon, as if comfortable, reclining finely, a person soaked, become the movements of the waters. No longer C affecting to be watery, but water flowing in the shape of fleshy bone. The sky right where the river hits its banks, is a wall of fog, inland the desert of an emptiness with cacti soaking up vicarious, the river’s flow, the river bowing forward, self-effacing sprezzatura! The river flows in local forms of cactus flowers, saturated skin, soggy bones, and desert wind,

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