Marsha Cottrell, 'Under the Illuminating Hydrogen 2012, iron oxide on mulberry paper, 62 x 105" (157 x 266.5 cm), http://is.gd/iLlrlR

Marsha Cottrell, ‘Under the Illuminating Hydrogen 2012, iron oxide on mulberry paper, 62 x 105″ (157 x 266.5 cm), http://is.gd/iLlrlR

Sings solid, more hard than ever, nearing slightest whisper; she will have started & when begun will find no cause to stop, until she will have found herself collapsed, her voice collapsed, body, epileptic seizure; members of her band & members of her crowd, disintegrate. Voices a bubble of the darkest or the brightest void, intensity of zoom, assembled mesh of bodies & the room pulled tight as metal woven cable, walking wire; she sings despair, subtracts her person from despair, creates & constitutes a block of opaque pulse; congealing with guitar, drums, bass, sweat, instruments of sunken affect; her voice pulls taught the potential particles of impersonal ordeal, present in the crowd of people there, & in her self of crisp & frequency; her fractal frequencies of voice feed back on to her surface, the surface of her body becomes her fractal frequency of voice; her body, surface, will have convulsed, regurgitated with precision, plank of chaos, mercury veins in a nomadic distribution, injected with contrast, silver wires of certain shifting setting; her sacrifice is not intentional, of any kind of supposition; multi-directional collapse; the folding of her surface outward; her figure, apparatus of shivers; disintegrating notions of beginnings; the  body endless inward bending; her crowd of bobbing audience, she sacrifices, for her body & stretches her frame toward her outside voice; the sacrificial crowd receives their sacrificial voice; in frenzied movement, frozen moment, tautness of a kind of silence, tectonic shifting of some plates of friction; colliding blocks of bodies, song, & fracture,

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