Jim Richardson, from National Geographic --> http://is.gd/oMnOMG

Jim Richardson, from National Geographic –> http://is.gd/oMnOMG


Wires crazy, a web, by spider of some monster measure; wires that run & have been run, through & throughout the structure of the house; house, architecture, scaffolding of cables, walls, & junk, interwoven with pneumonic memories, illness of mnemonic tic, pathway that exists from counting, structure of the hyper-ordered mind; her mind is mirrored in the layers of her ledgers, squared journals noting the shapes & places of all her boxes, remedies & pharmakon; & every pill she takes that deviates her into whatever slight new difference; she pulls some string out of her monad head, extends it into cablepaths of corrugated machinations spreading nomadic distribution through her house; the mess of cables, wires, tubes holds up her house, spiderweb of scaffolding, pushes outward into buttress of inside her skull; she is organised amidst a mess of stuff that occupies the structure of the house, the place her body moves in, around; she counts tunnels, configures pathways amidst the slowly growing grime of unwashed objects; her dates are simple three letter combinations, hung from complex computations; her mind punctures compulsively, itself,  “thoughts of the world can never envelop the world”, like Pi, the number which goes on; infinity traverses the thought that thinks it; her order increases in focus & travel, her thoughts cut through layers of stuff, threading dust,  thrust of ideas, heavy objects with corners, broken washing machine, language stuck onto paper, language stuck in her screen,

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