City lights

She slides against her wall, slides with her back into between a duvet & a white bed sheet; he growls at her, a slow continuous growl, almost a humming, coming from nearly everywhere, a plane of threat & squeeze into her face, a pretty pleasing gargling of the throat strings, love song on the disc of wind that cuts the air at latitude of neck & face. She stares, ahead, at him, through him, middle distance, into a spot of air behind the man, imagining the parallax, the shift, between her present middle-distance stare from tucked between the sheets & her stare at that same point were, in this same moment, she hangs, around his neck, with arms around his neck, head resting on his shoulder or on her forearms on his shoulder. He moves forward, throwing his body somehow right onto the bed, scorpion tail, snake head; she winces & she does not flinch a thing; his body ruminates, the body of his, moves left to right & back and forth, but slow as turtle pace & silent but with the pressure of a pushing draft & always facing her. His feet tell patterns, & when they stop his words take up a scribbling, that, meant perhaps as words or thoughts express a dog in heat, a dog that plays at terrified, is terrified of play. He walks away from, after hours, her room, basic four cornered deal, a simple wooden bed. She waits for him to enter his own house; she has already helped herself inside, sits on a bench that holds her well, around her piles of broken household objects. Extended arm, extended arm, flat face, erased from affect, she holds his head against her chest; he hangs the full weight of his head into her hands, he sobs with tearless heaves, he turns to right & fall his hands & fingers into themselves, into their lap, head hung down, with baldness pointing into his pile of broken mirrors. She walks upright, she trails herself behind, she wanders in a straight line, into outside his door. the bald head screams into its potted hands, practices some words, hollers hands; the body slump heaves hiccups all directions, all at once, faces face forward, widening his smiling face until it cracks,

Prayer wheel

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