Wave passes thru  surfer body
body whispers back into  the wave
he is the medium of his words,
the gathered journalistos
bobbing heads  the clutching  pencils
groping pads just the one  inarticulated
question  magic shatter  journalistos
feel their words & fail them  finally
becoming lumpen porous  proletariat
do revolutionaries surf?  These things
have been possible for years now
antifascist first aid brigade  sometimes
too late  or not enough  for a punctured body
toppled ambulance  bulk of testosterone
ironed shirts  walls of police in monster
gear  forceful separations  of the many
variations  entropic movements
“miracles of anarchy” petri dish &
seeing  sky eye  zooming centimetres
moving into coloured static nano
fractions  carbon atoms  imaged right
before dem eyes  pretty stuffed  air
full & push swell vibration flitting tight
angles assembling intra-acting  -ivities
inward collapse  constant  verge on-
side a ledge  arrows pointing  into
their equilibrium  fish hooks  catch hold
of the salt in the sea  homunculus
little person & her wide open space
desert in the city  everyone their own
absolute open  brain folded into person
effigy of certain style  friendship barter
whiffs of affect  interlocking  killer robots
no man in the loop   speaking circles
self-reflexive   fractal conversation
two human animals   collide  with force
of love   subjecting their   shared
& individual positions  to sexed positions
difference   wound  & safe from harm
a pair of pairs of arms  encircling  cocktail
lulling chatter  syncopated  he sees
in her a kung fu fighter  the tracers  of her
circles charge his body forward  chest
swan song  shared days  they  spiral
around  each interlocked & pushing
thru translucent mirroring  too many
repetitions in this lover’s head  dawn
dusk  the empty bed  they hurt her eyes
the body pulses with adrenaline  yet empty
of its differentiating features  such days
are never planned for  & that it rains
sometimes  Spielberg-machine  “movies
are meant to manipulate people”  emotion ≠
always cheap  water flows in folds
& pushes  carrying itself  in shifting layers
forward so it seems   the film hangs   cut
in strips   no heavy spool of acts  rather
a rack  with seconds separated  ribbon curtain
made from feet of 24-image seconds  the clock
both freezes in its frame & flows on regular
24 hours of one clock per scene per second
absence of linearity produces its own stories
continual reset playing on the screen  leinwand
line-wand  “Words have no power to impress
the mind without the exquisite horror
of their reality” “the movie will begin in 5 moments
the mindless voice announced… did you
have a good world when you died?
Enough to base a movie on?”
The Exorcist stretched over 24 hours
“Ghosts crowd the young child’s
fragile eggshell mind”  the stories
include   auto mutilation
Try to shoot yourself in the face
Handcuffed in a police car   the coppers
Tell stories   the stories include
Infractions on bodies    protected
& destroyed   by law   the strong arm
through the door where you live
bodies   manners of queer   different
monsters in town  what one needs
for another   what it takes   to become
ultra-evil   very fine   broken   sprayed
dazzled blind   fragile body  slash / mind
suppositions   tumbleweed snow  a child
wails by  her mother walks away  into
the hands of pretty certain  scumbag death
Maria Santos Gorrostieta  mayor  of a Mexican
Drug hole  survives 2 attempts  torture  the holes
In her body  of her husband subtracted  ‘I
wanted to show them my wounded, mutilated,
humiliated body, because I’m not ashamed
because it is the product of the great misfortunes
that have scarred my life.”  gang of two
riddles 137 bullets into two individuals in car
the gang wears blue & badge of siren
Ich weiß nicht… bedeuten…traurig
A circle of strange friends  reciprocally
Listen  respond  communal stutter
Strange fruit  strange stranger  face
Mirrored in bad places  most every
Nearly where  at close to over all
Cobblestone stories shiny curved
Opaque heelways repaved for
Fewer stumbles  do rocks & stars live
From death or crumble into life?
exploding stardust bodies  the creatures
reassemble centres overlapping  disintegrating
circles  a leaning forward into the scribbled word
prosthetic text organises its prosthetic body,
virus machine  disperses evenly  distance
in all directions  phonemes into thoughts
piezoelectric crystalline  administration
of routes  enter the body  of folded
outside into into inside  the foetus
baby makes the organs fit inside
new places  doors opening & unstuck
from all sides of the walls of the spaces
coming undone from surfaces  grace
to wake up to & / or spiral away from
studying the blind spots  she crashes
open fontanelle  into solid surface
couples her infinite desire with a
series of the self-inflicted blows
constant gearshift  of perceiving
angles of perceptions  one wonders
about  not everything to be said
she thinks alongside  not about
scribbles her spacious time  into the
thought  that thinks her  all
the people  must be right  telling
her exclusive stories  circles of
Venn diagrams  none of which overlap
what or from what surface? littered
with prepositions  prepositionally
littered  they share a city  certain
shops, spheres of circumambulations
feasts of friends, but rarely interlocute
the words or even physicalities  he dives
into his prime position  palimpsest
of superpositions  ducks into a corner
of the moment  exploding rather infinite
traversing the contents of his head
& the uncounted singularities itself
emits  uneven line intersecting right
angles & the perfect lineations  determine
possibilities of people’s bodies  puncture
the many affects of desire  a finger
draws a line in dust & slips, regains
its constant movement  a bulldozer
does chin ups  from ledges  wasted
proper  heaps of chaos  childrens’
utopic playground  effortless re-
organization  ecstatic questions
elemental pieces  rubble
of their new beginnings part of
the landscape a flailing limb a
wailing father  5 cameras spent
& broken  documents of technologies
of war  love  of  recording machines
amanuensis  servant from the hand
transcribes accident into  his master’s
text  the hand shifts apparatus into gear
“the mind is in the bones” I sees myself
From every angle  except my window
To the world  beside myself  where I am
Not I   needle of first person personal
Pronoun threads sutures  gaps between eva-
nascent lungings after longings &
noisy machinations of the body  crepitus,



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