bone pop  knuckle crack  some variations
of her body’s grinds & snaps  reverberate
in crazy ritornello  she slides along
a pavement  at both a centre & an edge
of certain sonoric constellations  an
open-ended mesh of points of sound
becoming grinding bone  her popping
knees  the rain  fat drops occasional
on leaves & smash on pavement tile
a creaking gate  opens white picket fence
crow screech  from nowhere  horror film
car wheel  chafes curb  walking cane
scratches  tethers lady, miserable
humbug  beetle  shell of sheathed wing
much like the day  solid aquarium
which tremors momentarily  all
of the scene including her body & desire
she steps through this sheet of shimmer-
ing translucent moment  some wavves
of vibrant matter  rip her into shapes &
wrap her bodies into  perambulation
band of sisters  kind of dervish  2 or
20 pairs of hands  skin mostly naked
except for balaklava extend the circuit
of the body with sky  with snare of music
instrument  he sets alight  on an open plain
in the middle of the middle of the city
his body  er holt sich sonne  scorches all
our sorry state  deliberation  sorry ass
equivocation he blazes his uncounted kind
of existence  1400 centigrade  of desire
soot of his ashes  the Manga ball of fire
incinerates the tepid plastic-wrapped press-
statement of a pink-shirted, flush-faced,
ham-eyed politician  surrounded by
Mongolian steppe 1 1/5 million kilometers
of 50° degrees of freeze  into visibility
compressed  a baby  pulls all over
her body boiling water  her mother
turns the water instant into snow
she throws it out the yurt  the water
stops mid air  turns into powder
& drops down vertical  Wile E Coyote
back to the drawing board  schematic
schadenfreude  shades of Freud
un friendly fire caught on your own
intra-cranial  cross-lines  ruminations
wrapped with bow-ties  packaged
throw-away leaking the neon-coloured one-
syllabic words  he dreams each snowflake
a different colour  arranges crystals into patterns
trail of fairy Pollock dust  fractal workings
without effort  deliberate unplanned  perfect
storm of smudges just outside & inside
of the lines  interrobang?! Interrobang!?
semi-automatic rhythm in  interrobang
flesh of words  straight people made
from queer bits & pieces  supine  linear
recto / verso alongside parallel
the moonlight slides  across the surface
flesh of words & quasi- partial pieces
no where to go  against his body  fists
open onto  ecstatic marker  thrown hands
outward  he disappears his music  is not
his  it rushes from his form distorting
expectations of the people standing
reassembling signs  new positions  shapes
new time within a broken halted movement
if there is meaning  they do not ask perhaps
some flows  frozen lightning  Ibsen
keeps a scorpion  starves its sting
he can write  when it strikes  at sporadic
soft fruit  in a jar on his desk  there was
a poet in Rwanda  Himmler always
had the Bhagavad Gita with him “I am
not far from condemning poetry  dharma
with out being fully involved  totalitarian
poetry redefines the very problem of violence
it is no longer me stabbing you  a knife
in my hand  as part of a cosmic dance
is moving in space  I am nothing but
an observer  living God  God of the real
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
identify fanatical parts of the brain
influence someone’s belief by  direct bio-
genetic intervention! biography of
bibliographer of biographies of biographers;
or biographer of biographers of biographers
beugh  graphia  many enough maps
for the moment  would like one step
out of the refrain  map the city according
to the senses  eat at every restaurant
in high street  pin the flags to scenes
petrol stations  garbage trucks  “all of these
autists come to language in poetry”
mindblinding  objectile  bud of an object
attends to its dance  of its scene  flower
travel story  I need to cross-check with
mother  uncertainty in the aroundness
already active within the field attentive-
ness of the environment to the environ-
ment I meant to affirm with these modes
of existence the person you have left
≠ the same person  neuro typical  in-
formation  no cartwheels in the classroom
but how were the bodies before
the classroom took over?  2 + 4 must
equal 6  no reaction from the kid
he is treated as mindless separated
from himself  because he does not want
to violate the numbers by naming them
straitjacket  6  like he is named  impossible
autistic  reduced to spastic wheelchair speak
his mind brings peace among the numbers
a commotion of relational activity
islands of self-enjoyment of the environ-
mental field  quivers in disquiet of
the resonant field spinning around
& through the 4 + 2  vis a vis
the gateway that is moment
relational qualitative  the autistic
boy cannot speak but writes
“The great united states of America
is breathtakingly not free  equality
is not sacred because not everyone
has access to it  freedom is not
as available as many people think
free people treat us as mindless
they underestimate us very badly
instead of reaching out to us
the creators of the declaration of
independence have wasted their breath”
facilitated communication  all of these
autists come to language in poetry
the autist or the awrtist?  indeterminacy
enabling constraints  co-determination
subtends  a vagueness that is
a determination to be determined
causal efficacy  presentational immediacy
what occurs in the cusps  on the edges
what are the conditions  for it being what it is
the chaos is uninteresting   the everything-goes
is not where we situate ourselves at all
strange elasticity of time in autistic expression
in the world where we live in  if you can t
find the object you are not going to get on the bus

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