Michael Gira; a wizard, pierced by the very fractal, poly-petal, convulsion that his body collects, as, itself, in a shimmering constellation of furious force, & eternal, & local, atomic, truth, when it draws in, ineluctably, the polyverseses we imagine for our meaningless & yet but neverthelessest all-so, Truth potential bearing, corporeal glop ooze – while, in the same moment (which every moment is any bleeding way) – EXhaling the very same boundless electrfiied void of mishap, love, horror, spew, caress, glimpse & eternal fix of eyeball to slimy retinal eyesocket, soma, the barely touch , the angel voice, the angel echo, the angelically overheard, the stab, the betrayal, the unforgiven, the unforgivable, the forlorn, the ecstatic , the ephanicac, the hysteric, the acquiescent, the impossible unfailing love, the ephemeral sweet evasive love,

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